Myśli w for­ma­cie kra­jo­bra­zo­wym | wybra­ne fotografie

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Respon­si­ble person:
Mar­tin Janczek
D‑45665 Recklinghausen

Title: Tho­ughts in Land­sca­pe For­mat, Selec­ted Pho­to­gra­phs. (Myśli w for­ma­cie kra­jo­bra­zo­wym | wybra­ne foto­gra­fie PL)
Topic: Pho­to­gra­phic search for tra­ces — people and cul­tu­re in urban spa­ce / views from the Ruhr area and from Upper Silesia
Author and pho­to­gra­pher: Mar­tin Janczek
Con­cept and lay­out: Mar­tin Jan­czek (Fre­ie und kün­stle­ri­sche Foto­gra­fie)
Edi­ting: Mar­tin Rön­n­berg — Ber­lin (DE)
Edi­ting: Krzysz­tof Rącz­ko­wiak — Gru­dządz (PL)
Con­tent: The illu­stra­ted book con­ta­ins 252 illu­stra­tions and photographs
1st edi­tion: 25 copies / bro­ad­pic, Rec­klin­ghau­sen, May 2021
© for the illu­stra­ted works: by Mar­tin Jan­czek, Rec­klin­ghau­sen 2021
© for the prin­ted texts: by Mar­tin Jan­czek, Rec­klin­ghau­sen 2021
© for the con­tent on by Mar­tin Jan­czek, Rec­klin­ghau­sen 2021
Prin­ted & Publi­shed in Germany
ISBN 978–3‑00–069186‑7

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